Welcome to my first post. I am excited to share with you new ideas on making the second half of life filled with experiences that we can create as we have gained talent, knowledge and energy over the years.

Some of us feel excited about not needing to work outside the home, not having children so dependent on us and having time to think about and create new experiences. Some of us miss getting up early Monday morning and going to work where people have certain expectations of us and we feel like we belong. Some of us are in between.

When it was time for me to retire several years ago, I knew I wanted to leave a 9-5 job but was also terrified as I had no idea what was coming next. I felt I was dangling from a cliff where I couldn’t see the bottom. I’m glad that I trusted the second half of life as it had some real gifts awaiting me.

If you would like to explore this new terrain together, please share what experiences have surprised you in getting older; both happy and sad. Share your concerns for the future. What would you like to know more about? There has been some exciting research done that calls into questions many myths we have about aging.

I have posted some of my articles on the blog selection of the website that I have been using for several years-www.powerfulaging.vpweb.com. You may read them by selecting “blog” on the home page. I am in the process of redoing my website but they will be available for the next couple of weeks. Also, I am preparing to publish an e-book in the next several months. I’ll let you know when that is available.

I’d be honored if you shared this blog with others and also let me know what was meaningful to you.

Barb Warner, MEd
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