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Last Saturday I featured Keep Your Fork-Dessert Is On The Way at a workshop for The Creative Life Center in Boulder. It was wonderful sharing some ideas on how we can infuse the second half of life with what really matters to us.

Keep Your Fork-Dessert Is On The Way by Barb Warner the experiences from the first half of life, you are able to harvest what currently makes you wiser, possessing greater knowledge and making better life choices. When you take the opportunity to do that you can set aside our culture’s aging stereotypes that are often based in fear, isolation and personal diminishment.. You can embrace the second half of life with optimism, passion, humor, creativity and wisdom. No generation in history has had the rich opportunity to do this. This presentation will give you the opportunity to look at the culture’s view of aging, determine what is true and not true for you and and joy.


Tomorrow is my first book signing.  It will be at the Full Moon Bookstore in Lakewood from 12-3.  Pretty exciting!

This is the perfect time to begin your Holiday Shopping.  Keep Your Fork is an easy fun read that you might consider.  You can order on Amazon.com, et al.  If you live in the Denver area, I’ll be happy to get a book to you.


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