Mining Your Past – Designing Your Future

This is the time to celebrate ourselves and the many times when we have gone out of our comfort zone and took risks for what we thought was important.  Many of the super human experiences that have been necessary for us to do in our life have become gifts and have given us the character and wisdom that we possess today.

Recently I asked a woman to tell me about the events of her earlier years which give her the power and bravery she seemed to have today.  She couldn’t think of any as she was only a stay-at-home mother who took care of three foster children.  Once I asked a retired World War II veteran if he would like to dictate some of his life  stories to a student who was eager  to write them down.  He said that his life really wasn’t worth talking about.  After some convincing he agreed to tell some of his stories which included him jumping out of a fighter jet over Belgium and looking into the eyes of the enemy pilot who allowed him to gently parachute to earth.

Even if we didn’t raise three foster children or were at home during WWII, we each have a heroic story to tell.  We have all had times when we experienced fear, sadness and frustration-times in life when we wanted to throw in the towel.  There was something in us however, that called upon a secret strength that we didn’t even know that we had.

I urge you to sit quietly and write down three events in your life that have been particularly challenging.  It might have been when you had a sick child and were afraid of calling in sick at work, when you didn’t know where next month’s rent was coming from or when your spouse asked you for a divorce.

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