Love, Love, Love ! Love Is All You Need

For a long time I have loved the Beatles’ songs. I first was introduced to them at a Peace Corps party in Turkey in 1965. They had just become famous in the US and it was fun listening to them in Istanbul. I had joined the Peace Corps to make the world a safer place and to serve under-served children. It was truly an inspired time.

After returning home and moving to Denver, I joined a group in the late 80’s called Beyond War. I truly believed that because of the threat of nuclear war, countries would begin negotiating disagreements as war was no long an option.

Now in 2016, we have growing numbers of under-served children all over the world, Turkey is in turmoil and war and killing is the plat du jour on the evening news. Underlying racial hatred is boiling over, resulting in frequent killings in the US and abroad. Our political climate is filled with attitudes and actions that we would not tolerate among our children of any age.

Our Wisdom Circle wanted to address the confusion and fear that we were experiencing due to national and international events. Last week Dr. Patty Luckenbach the director of the Prayer and Care Center at Mile High came to help us. Dr. Patty spoke of the many systems that are no longer working on our planet and that we are moving into a 4th Dimension. I didn’t really understand the 4th Dimension except when she said it was a place we can go when we allow ourselves to be still.

Then she began to talk about love. Many spiritual teachings believe there are only two emotions; Love and Fear. However, I have never been very good about loving my enemies and praying for those I have felt to be really stupid people. The more Dr. Patty spoke though, the more I got it. What would it be like if every time I thought about the man who killed those folks in Nice or the politicians who are too scared to be responsible in our own country, I sent them love. Maybe I could make a difference. Maybe if more of us did that we could flood the atmosphere with love. Quantum physics suggests that if we concentrate our focus and attention on stuff we want, we could bring about a new course of events. The world is not the hard and unchangeable thing it may appear to be. It holds our truth until we change it.

So let’s do it. Let’s be aware of our thoughts and concentrate on what we want to see happen and what is powerful and good in our lives. Dr. Patty shared this affirmation.
Love is the answer to everything in life and I give and receive love effortlessly and unconditionally.

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