It’s All About Our Strengths

On Tuesday, I have the opportunity to facilitate a group at a VOA center for homeless women in Denver. I will ask them to look at and discuss the strengths that they observe in themselves.  This may be the first opportunity they will have had to do that.  They may see that the anger that they thought had been a weakness can actually have been a  strength if it has helped them reach beyond their limitations.  This will give them the opportunity to see strengths and name them. We don’t often do that for others or for ourselves.

Naming my own strengths is not something that has come easily for me. There has seemed to be just a lot of self criticism. I have a responsibility to myself to be consciously aware of my strengths. I have the responsibility to remind myself in each moment that I was created in the image and likeness of the Divine.

What does that give us to remember that? Everything. I join with the group of women on Tuesday who have had a difficult life and perhaps have never thought about their strengths in positive ways. I bless them and thank them for allowing me to participate in this discovery with them.

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