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My Journey to Painting a Tree

I can’t remember his name but I’ll call him Mr. A.T. (art teacher). Mr. A.T. made a significant difference in my life and feelings about being creative many years ago. In 7th grade he told me that the tree I … Continue reading

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Love, Love, Love ! Love Is All You Need

For a long time I have loved the Beatles’ songs. I first was introduced to them at a Peace Corps party in Turkey in 1965. They had just become famous in the US and it was fun listening to them … Continue reading

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Curiosity – Life’s Wonderful Scavenger Hunt

After reading and researching for this article, I realized that when I wrote my book, I didn’t dig deep enough into the different aspects of passion and may have left readers feeling “hung out to dry” after reading it. Elizabeth … Continue reading

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Find the Courage to Follow Your Passion and Heart – Let that Guide You to Your Destination

It’s been fun savoring interactions with several groups in the past couple of months, sharing our stories and thoughts on the second half of life. At the Academy of Life Long Learning Institute in Denver, forty people attended my presentation … Continue reading

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What Makes Your Heart Sing – Nurture What Is Unique About You

I have discovered that the second half of life is a gift. I am probably, for the first time in my life, growing into becoming the person I have always wanted to be. It is time now for me to openly change my story. This is time for my coming out party to begin. Continue reading

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Later Is Now: Experiences Relegated as Off Limits by Fear are Ones Holding the Most Promise for Discovery

In our earlier years, whenever we felt passionate about something that was out of our comfort zone, we may have written it on a mental note and tucked it in the drawer labeled, To Be Addressed Later. We may have … Continue reading

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