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Keep Your fork - Dessert Is On The Way - Savoring The Second Half of LifeKEEP YOUR FORK –
Dessert is on the Way; Savoring the Second Half of Life

It is time to question every thought that you hold about getting older. I will help you recognize some thoughts that you have perhaps never questioned: “to be old is to be sick”, “memory loss is a given” “the illnesses of our parents will be our illnesses as well.”

New research is showing that our thoughts and beliefs play a far larger role in our life story than we have ever thought.

It is time to for us to realize that we have more control over our lives than we have ever thought possible.

Our thoughts and beliefs are also key to what kind of events we would like to create in the second half of life. Each one of us was created for a purpose.

This time of life gives us the opportunity to look at the power that we have to make those dreams come true.

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